2012 MFA, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
2009 Graduate Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
1998 BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD


En Suite, Regards, Chicago, IL

The Munich Baby House, David Petersen Gallery Minneapolis, MN

Crocuta Crocuta, Michael Jon Gallery, Miami, FL
Naming of Parts, Thesis Exhibition, USC Roski MFA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


Future Developments, David Petersen Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
Imagine, Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy
Sub Rosa curated by Becca Mann, Loudhailer Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Theory of Forms, Patron Gallery, Chicago, IL
Bad Boys Bail Bonds Adopt a Highway, curated by Amanda Ross-Ho,
Team Gallery, New York, NY
Other Ways and Means, Marc Foxx, Los Angeles, CA
Quiet Tremors, Kate Werble Gallery, New York, NY
The Air is an Absence Held, curated by Jenni Crain, Ray Smith Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Murmurs, Regards, Chicago, IL
Inaugural Exhibition, Loudhailer Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Sallie Gardner, Michael Thibault Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Words in a Foreign Language, Adult Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
Serious Play, Marisa’s Gallery, New York, NY

Sculpture Garden, curated by Andrew J. Greene, Poor Farm, Manawa, WI
Fridge, Control Room, Los Angeles, CA

Sculpture Garden/Painting Show, curated by Andrew J. Greene, Iceberg Projects, Chicago, IL
P.O.3, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL

Danger Zoners, Harold Washington College President’s Gallery, Chicago, IL
Now That’s What I Call Painting, Scott Projects, Chicago, IL

Feral Children, Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center, Chicago, IL
Dropped Frames, curated by J. Patrick Walsh III, Elk Gallery, NY, NY

Spring Break, Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center, Chicago, IL

John Van Wmsn, w/ Lisa Williamson and Stacie Johnson, Dogmatic Gallery, Chicago, IL

The Guest Room Project, Chicago, IL

Kristen + Melanie, collaboration with Melanie Schiff, Suitable Gallery, Chicago, IL
Public poster project, POST, Chicago, IL

What an Art Life, stadtgalerie, Bern, Switzerland

Video screening, curated by Jennifer Reeder, The Renaissance Society, Chicago, IL
Safety-Kleen Gallery, Elgin Community College

Team Air Express, w/ Angelina Gualdoni, H. Lewis Gallery, Baltimore, MD
PaperView, Galeria Espacio Minimo, Madrid, Spain


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2015 Monday Me, Soccer Club Club, Drag City, Chicago, IL

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